Ichor Therapeutics, Inc. raises $383,000 for contract research from BioSenex, Ltd.

Syracuse, NY: Ichor Therapeutics, Inc., a pre-clinical biotechnology company that develops technologies to target age-related pathology, announced today that it has raised $383,000 for contract research from BioSenex, Ltd. BioSenex is a new venture that aims to develop supplement-based formulations to treat chronic disease. BioSenex will also enter as a contender for the Rejuvenation Mprize, a multi-million dollar competition to increase the maximum lifespan of laboratory mice.

Of the new research program, Ichor CEO Kelsey Moody said, “There is evidence in the scientific literature that supports further study of select supplements to augment health, particularly in the elderly. The purpose of BioSenex is to identify formulations that target fundamental aging processes, such as oxidative stress or inflammation. While results in laboratory mice are not always transferable to humans, positive results could pave the way for clinical trials in humans down the road.”

Ichor will continue developing stem cell therapies in parallel to the new venture. “BioSenex is actually a natural extension of our stem cell program from an operational perspective,” says Moody. “The infrastructure necessary for our stem cell research has considerable overlap. Increasing resource utilization through this and other projects makes us a leaner, more efficient company. In this tight funding climate, it is important that we make good use of funding so that promising therapies can make it to the bedside.”

About Ichor Therapeutics, Inc.: Ichor Therapeutics, Inc. (www.ichortherapeutics.com) is a privately held pre-clinical biotechnology company in Syracuse, NY. Founded in 2013 by then SUNY Upstate Medical University student Kelsey Moody, the company has raised over $1 million to support its research programs. Ichor owns and operates the online store WeCellStuff.com.