We Build Our Own Talent.

Fundamental to the Ichor culture is an emphasis on professional development. Our team is not only evaluated on what they already know, but also on an ability to obtain new skills, work through diverse challenges, and anticipate and preempt complications within company workflows. Our backgrounds span diverse disciplines in the life sciences, engineering, computer science, and business. Team members are encouraged to embrace this diversity as a professional development opportunity, and to obtain cross training in areas unrelated to their core competencies.

We work towards a vision, not for a company

Building a successful company is a side-effect of what we do in the pursuit of our vision. We are intrinsically motivated to create positive change in the world, and this philosophy extends to all aspects of company operations. We engage our local community on several levels, from volunteer service and educational programs, to green initiatives. At our core, we are committed to delivering the next generation of pharmaceuticals. We need to make products that work, not flawed products that publish or sell. We eagerly take on this challenge every day in the laboratory.

We issue Nerf guns

Ichor promotes a casual environment to balance the intensity of our workflow. Team members are friends on and off the job, and participate in numerous company sponsored activities. The company provides flexibility for employees in scheduling and benefits to better address the unique situation of each employee. We believe in enjoying the life we have set out to improve.