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Ichor Therapeutics, Inc.


Since its founding in 2013, Ichor has studied fundamental mechanisms of aging to develop new classes of drugs dedicated to helping people live longer, healthier lives.

Building a successful company is a consequence of what we do in the pursuit of our vision. We are intrinsically motivated to create positive change in the world because we believe we can.

We are...


Our team works tirelessly to challenge the perception of the inevitability of aging.


Our workflows emphasize method robustness and experimental reproducibility.


Our success story was built by establishing new conventions in our industry.


Today Ichor is a vertically integrated biopharmaceutical company occupying 2 commercial facilities with complete pre-clinical R&D capabilities in LaFayette, NY. However, the company’s beginnings were far more modest.

Ichor Therapeutics was founded in 2013 by Kelsey Moody during his time as a medical student at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. Using a $540k seed grant awarded by the Life Extension Foundation, Ichor established a functional living room laboratory in historic Tipperary Hill.

The living room laboratory was equipped for biological research. Initial programs at the company focused on stem cell biology, which required capabilities to support mammalian cell culture, flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy.

Working with his father, a retired math teacher and contractor, Dr. Moody and company constructed a specific-pathogen free vivarium suitable for research with immunocompromised mice in the apartment’s spare bedroom. This enabled advanced husbandry capabilities at the company, including xenograft models.

In 2014, the Ichor team solved a series of technical problems that had prevented further development of SENS Foundation’s macular degeneration enzyme therapy program (which would later become Lysoclear) and acquired all rights to the program.

With over $1 million in new funding led by Ichor’s first major investor and partner Roger Bagg, multiple research programs in progress, and a growing client base for contract research, Ichor relocated south of Syracuse to rural LaFayette and established its first commercial research facilities.

Since these humble beginnings, Ichor has risen to prominence as among the most reputable and longest established biopharma companies focused exclusively on the diseases of aging. The company’s strong publication record and PhD program are a testament to the quality standard for scientific excellence that defines Ichor.

Today, with a research team of over 50 staff occupying multiple facilities in LaFayette, Ichor continues its ambitious pursuit to deliver on the promise of the longevity research space.

Ichor start-up (2013)
Ichor living room lab (2013)
Ichor living room lab (2013)
Ichor construction (2014)
Ichor 2nd vivarium (2014)
Ichor 2nd vivarium (2014)
Ichor research lab (2018)
Ichor research lab (2018)
Ichor 3rd vivarium (2018)
Ichor research lab (2018)
Ichor research lab (2018)
Ichor research lab (2018)

Unconventional thinking.

Unprecedented doing.

May, 2013

Hello world!

Ichor is founded in living room apartment.

November, 2014

Relocation to LaFayette.

Ichor moves to LaFayette and starts Lysoclear.

March, 2016

Systems online.

Ichor purchases second building, establishes streamlined R&D processes, Antoxerene founded.

May, 2018

Programs capitalized.

Ichor launches Auctus, all programs fully funded with new rounds of investment.

April, 2019

The expansion of Ichor.

Ichor purchases third building, expands to 50 employees, adds large animal GLP capabilities, launches Icaria.


We work towards a vision, not for a company

Building a successful company is a consequence of what we do in the pursuit of our vision. We are intrinsically motivated to create positive change in the world, and this philosophy extends to all aspects of company operations.

At our core, we are committed to delivering the next generation of pharmaceuticals. Our burden of proof is to make products that work. We eagerly take on this challenge every day in the laboratory.

We issue Nerf guns

Work hard. Play hard.

We are friends

We are friends on and off the job. Staff regularly participate in group runs, paintball, gaming, and night life.

We are community

We work to make a difference because we believe we can. We are a part of the communities that we serve.

We are people

Every photo on our website came from our laboratory. We are true to the lives we hope to extend.

We build our own talent

Fundamental to the Ichor culture is an emphasis on professional development. Our team is not only evaluated on what they already know, but also on an ability to obtain new skills, work through diverse challenges, and anticipate and preempt complications within company workflows. Team members are encouraged to embrace professional development opportunities, and to obtain cross training in areas unrelated to their core competencies.