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Ichor Therapeutics, Inc.

13 – 17 October 2019

Denver, CO: The American Association for Laboratory Animal Science‘s (AALAS) National Meeting is the largest meeting in the world dedicated to the care, production, and use of laboratory animals. This year Ichor was represented by Dr. Danique Wortel, DVM, attending veterinarian, and Dr. Forrest Wright, PhD, Operations Manager of Husbandry.

Caring for aging mice presents unique challenges

Dr. Wortel spoke on a panel hosted by The Jackson Laboratory (Jax). Her talk, titled “Managing Methuselah Mice: Adapting for the Aged,” focused on the unique challenges presented by caring for aging populations of mice. “Methuselah mice” is a reference to Methuselah — a Biblical figure said to have lived the longest of all individuals mentioned in the Bible.

Research on geriatric animals is a growing focus area for companies and academic laboratories studying aging. Ichor and Jax are leaders in research involving aged animals.

Dr. Wortel was joined onstage by Dr. Linda Waterman DVM, the Senior Director Comparative Medicine and Quality for Jax, and Andrew Schille PhD, a Senior Scientific Advisor at Jax. Dr. Waterman also spoke about caring for aging mice, while Dr. Schille presented exciting data from JAX studies comparing aging in male and female mice.