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ISSCR 2019 Symposium: From Stem Cell Biologies to New Therapies

6 – 8 November 2019

Toronto, Canada: Earlier this month, The International Society for Stem Cell Research‘s (ISSCR) 2019 symposium “From Stem Cell Biology to New Therapies” was held in Toronto, Canada. This event gathered world-renowned leaders in the stem cell field to present the latest applications of stem cell therapies.

Ichor monitors all hallmarks of aging

Stem cell exhaustion is, itself, a hallmark of aging. Ichor keeps up to date with all the hallmarks of aging and several team members attended this event to learn about the latest progress in the field.

Although stem cell exhaustion occurs as a by-product of the aging process, it is possible to replace these cells by creating replacements from pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) and administering these PSC-derived products to patients. PSCs are able to create any cell or tissue in the body and as such, have immense potential to treat a variety of age-associated diseases. However, when developing a PSC-derived therapy, there are several daunting developmental hurdles with respect to manufacturing clinical grade product. This year’s symposium discussed several of these hurdles at length, including issues of cell purity, production on scale, quality assurance, and immunocompatibility.


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