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Longevity Research Institute Partners with Ichor to Validate Life Extension Compounds and Regimens

Published on 30 MAY 2018

LAFAYETTE, NY: Today the Longevity Research Institute, a non-profit organization that designs and funds animal studies to validate the anti-aging effects of promising compounds, announced the initiation of its first lifespan study, which will be conducted at Ichor Therapeutics.

There are over 50 compounds and treatment regimens that have been reported to extend lifespan in mammals, but the complexity of properly controlled studies has prevented many of these interventions from receiving independent follow-up or replication.

So many compounds have already shown promising results. We need to confirm and build upon these findings to accelerate translational aging science. This is our focus at Longevity Research Institute.

                                                                               — Sarah Constantin, Ph.D., CEO at Longevity Research Institute

Ichor Therapeutics is a drug discovery and development company that specializes in the study of aging and aging pathways. The first project it will conduct with Longevity Research Institute is a lifespan study testing epitalon.

Epitalon is a synthetic pineal gland peptide involved in melatonin regulation. The peptide has been extensively studied in Russia but claims of its geroprotective effects have not been confirmed in the west. The current study will focus on evaluating the effects of repeat epithalamin dosing on all-cause mortality, maximum lifespan, and a variety of age-associated biomarkers and behavioral assays.

The Longevity Research Institute brings a bold initiative to systematically confirm or refute life extension claims for a variety of compounds and treatment modalities. These efforts are desperately needed in the longevity space to debunk junk science and accelerate the proper development of promising therapies.

— Kelsey Moody, CEO at Ichor Therapeutics