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Industry Leader Joins Ichor Therapeutics as Chief Medical Officer

Published on 21 MAY 2018

SYRACUSE, NY: Ichor Therapeutics, a pre-clinical contract research organization, recently announced the appointment of Cornelis (Cees) Hendrik Wortel MD, PhD to the position of Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Dr. Wortel brings over 25 years of experience to Ichor, having worked as a senior (bio) pharmaceutical executive for early stage and established companies, both nationally and internationally.  Most notably, he has been involved in the development of Remicade® (the first anti-TNF biological drug) and in a very large number of clinical trials, Phase I to IV, bringing innovative first-in-class drugs to market.

As CMO to Ichor, Dr. Wortel’s initial focus will be applying his depth of expertise to Antoxerene, an Ichor portfolio and small molecule drug company dedicated to senescence, where he will be aiding in the development of a translational plan around its senolytic p53/FOXO4 pathway lead. Senolytics currently have no precedent for a translational path, and regulatory uncertainty is a major barrier for the field. Dr. Wortel will also lead clinical development of Ichor portfolio company Lysoclear, which is developing an enzyme therapy for dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is the leading cause of vision loss in adults over the age of 50. Lastly, Dr. Wortel will weigh in on Ichor’s youngest technology, a hyperstable and edible antibody mimetic scaffold, which is poised to emerge as a major contender with conventional antibody therapies. Dr. Wortel has previous experience with antibody mimetic scaffolds.

“I am very excited to become part of the Ichor team at this key stage in its development and to strengthen the company’s drug development activities. Ichor’s excellent scientific platforms have demonstrated to be very powerful tools in the development of potentially new and important therapeutics. It is a privilege to work on truly innovative drug targets and indications, creating unique, new opportunities to serve patients and advance standard of care.”

— Cornelis (Cees) Wortel, MD, Ph.D.

Prior to joining Ichor, Dr. Wortel served at multiple (bio)pharmaceutical companies, including Centocor. In the late 90’s Dr. Wortel founded the CRO Clinquest, which was recently acquired. He has served as a clinical development expert, Medical Monitor, and acting Chief Medical Officer at multiple client companies. He is a trusted drug development expert, having both chaired and presented at Data and Safety Monitoring Boards, CEC’s, and regulatory agency meetings. Dr. Wortel received his MD at the University of Amsterdam Medical School and his PhD at the University of Amsterdam. His knowledge and leadership will be an integral part of the growth and development of the Ichor portfolio.

As a research organization, Ichor Therapeutics welcomes collaborations in the life sciences industry to promote the study of aging and provides programs and services to aid in this research. The senolytic translational program is just one of the many activities that will benefit from the appointment of Dr. Wortel, a CMO well versed in the development of innovative medical technologies.

Ichor Therapeutics is a vertically integrated pre-clinical contract research organization that broadly focuses on the study of aging and aging pathways. The company offers a number of services to support its strategic priorities. Ichor and its portfolio companies operate from its corporate offices and research laboratories in rural LaFayette, NY (just south of Syracuse). The company is eager to engage collaborators in the life science industry and in academia who share its vision of delivering next generation therapies for the illnesses of aging.