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Ichor Therapeutics, Inc.


Pipeline for Lysoclear, Fox Bio, Antoxerene, and Auctus Biologics
Ichor Therapeutics Portfolio companies: FoxBio, Auctus Biologics, recombiPure, Icaria Life Sciences, Antoxerene, Grapeseed.Bio, Lysocelar


A combination of synergistic therapies are needed to intervene in multifaceted disease states like aging.

Ichor has established a portfolio of highly focused companies, each of which targets a specific type of age-associated molecular damage.

Focus areas

Ichor develops drugs to target classes of molecular damage believed to drive the onset and progression of aging and age-associated diseases.

Each research program by Ichor is designed to treat a specific age-associated disease, while at the same time, offering potential for synergistic effects on other aging conditions.

7 Damage Classes: Cell loss, canerous cells, mitochondiral mutations, death-resistant cells, extracellular matrix stiffening, extracellular aggregates, intracellular aggregates